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Wheel spacers are round metal spacers that go between a car or truck's hub and the wheel. Spacers locate the wheel further away from the body and are used for a variety of reasons, including fitment, performance and appearance. There are two main types of wheel spacers. The first is …

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Mar 25, 2016· What is wheel balancing and how does it affect our driving, safety and comfort? Find out more in this clip. To find out more information about wheel balancing, visit or book ...

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Balancing requires putting a mounted wheel and tire on a balancer, which centers the wheel and spins it to determine where the weights should go. Every time a wheel is first mounted onto a vehicle with a new tire, it has to be balanced. The goal is to make sure the weight is evenly distributed throughout each of the wheels and tires on a vehicle.

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Dyna Beads - Miracle Balancing Cure or Tire Snake Oil? A few months ago I wrote a Facebook post about the ineffectiveness and possible damage caused by Dyna Beads.

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May 31, 2019· It is very common to have your tires balanced only after noticing a vibration in your steering wheel and balancing corrects these vibrations in most cases, but it also benefits tire tread life when performed at regular intervals. Regular balancing reduces the chance of an imbalance causing irregular or uneven tread wear.

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Nov 05, 2007· One ambitious engineer, Dr. Hugh Hunt of the University of Cambridge, built a bike with a second front wheel. Theoretically, if gyroscopes were all that had to do with balance, spinning the second wheel in the opposite direction of the first would cancel out the gyroscopic forces, and make the bike un-rideable.


Tire balancing is a tune-up for your wheel-tire set. It makes sure that weight is evenly distributed around the entire circumference of the unit. The common symptoms of out-of-balance tires are uneven and faster tread wear, poor fuel economy, and vibration in the steering wheel, the floorboard or the seat that gets worse at faster speeds.

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Wheel balancing—also known as tire balancing—is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tire and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed. Balancing involves putting the wheel/tire assembly on a balancer, which centers the wheel and spins it to determine where the weights should go.

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A Mill Balanced Notch in Brake Rotors Reduces Vibration While Driving. Some may notice little notches on the side of their new brake rotors. Those milled areas are a result of the process used to balance rotors, called "mill balancing". A mill balanced brake rotor reduces vibration and is meaningful to the whole brake system.

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Dec 20, 2011· Do Power Balance Bracelets Really Work? Written by David Butler on December 20, 2011 Getting crossed over by a kid in pick-up basketball …

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Mar 11, 2013· People will tell you that wheel balancing isn't necessary these days. Going back 10 or 20 years, new tires often needed a small amount of weight to balance out the irregularities in the old ...

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Sep 02, 2014· The meaning of wheel alignment can often be confused, as the term is misleading. Rather than referring to your car's wheels, wheel alignment (also known as tracking) is related to the suspension.Disruptions to your car's suspension can cause some components to be knocked off-kilter, causing the wheels to sit at improper angles.

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The Truth Behind the BILLET WHEEL CRAZE! Contributed By: Enginebasics. People can't stop talking about billet compressor wheel turbochargers. Every other article or ad is filled with how amazing they are. The question is, does it really give you TONS of …

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Replace wiper blades twice a year in order to stay safe on the road. Walmart auto technicians check the condition of your wiper blades with Standard, High Mileage and Power & Performance oil changes to make sure they are in good condition. Shop Walmart for all of your auto and tire maintenance needs.

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DynaBeads is the premire tire balancing solution for almost all tire types, and trusted by our customers for over 10 years! Motorcycle tires, Fleet/ORV/RV tires, even classic cars! No tire cupping or clumping. Our ceramic tire balancing beads are environmentally friendly

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Benefits of Stainless Steel Brake Lines. How to choose the right brake pads Brake fluid and performance ... but that the part was balanced or mill balanced. ... To help further put this into idea into perspective, just think of tire balance. When a tire is imbalanced, there is an uneven distribution of mass which may cause the tire to wobble or ...