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Jul 18, 2017· LAGUN FTV-2s CNC mill. I recently purchased an older Lagun FTV-2S cnc mill and am having trouble with it. The manual that cam with it does not show the model I have. I was wondering if the head swiveled to the left or right as it does in the manual models. These are pics of the head mounting.

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These machines allow you to increase the speed of production and improve the quality of your cuts, growing your business along the way. Excellent for making surf racks, shelf units, kitchen cabinets, skis and much more, our large CNC machines are designed to make setup and programming effortless, all while giving you highly precise edge finishes.

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Over all these years, we have developed a wide range of possibilities in milling technology. At present, the new Lagun Machine Tools S.L. aims to focus on design and manufacture of medium-sized milling machines at competitive prices and proven reliability. It is our goal and commitment to bring this challenge to a successful end. About Lagun

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The Haas TM-1. Haas Toolroom Mills are the true definition of value, providing full CNC capabilities – including available 4th- and 5th-axis functionality – at affordable prices. They offer the perfect combination of value, reliability, and performance for any shop – from schools to high-end manufacturers.

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Wildly popular among hobbyists, our iQ series of desktop CNC routers consists of space-saving machines at affordable prices. As excellent starter models, these CNC routers can produce a wide variety of designs with tremendous precision. Within the iQ series, you will find work and hobby CNC …

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Superior quality Toolroom Horizontal Milling Machines, Toolroom Vertical Machining Centers, Precision Compact Mills, CNC Toolroom Bed Mills.

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Lagun began with the vertical mill and continues to sell their original model. We are proud of our manual mills and still provide parts for even our first generation mills. These machines have become the standard in the milling industry.

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Apr 04, 2016· I'm upgrading my knee mill and selling my old Lagun FT2 It has a 9x48" table with travels of ~12"x33". It is a belt head machine but will come with the VFD I have hooked up to it for both single phase input and rpm variation from 16-70 hz.

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Since 1963, Southwestern Industries, Inc. has been an industry leader in innovative products for machinists' productivity. ProtoTRAK CNCs are easy to use and a higher effective level of quality.

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Lagun GBM 18 CNC universal bed type milling machine Price on Request As largest dealer in used CNC machine tools, we are your number one partner for all options!

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Tool-Room - Lagun Engineering Solutions. Our manual and CNC vertical and knee milling centers, lathes and high speed bridge machine tools, are engineered to handle precision manufacturing whether...

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Three-Axis CNC. TRAK Knee Mills with the SMX and KMX CNC are available as three-axis CNCs, with a quill drive for Z-axis machining. The mill can be run manually, as a two-axis or three-axis CNC. Manual quill control is with our unique Electronic Handwheel. Note: For most three-axis CNC applications, we highly recommend our TRAK Bed Mills.

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HAAS TM-1 Tool Room CNC Mill #1877. Manufacturer: Haas Model: TM-1 Product Description HAAS TM-1 TOOL ROOM CNC MILL All specifications are approximations, and are subject to verification. One Owner Machine, All Original Paint on our Floor now, fully powered / tested & is in Grea...

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Jul 01, 2017· Let's take a closer look at my newest pile of junk.

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We provide the highly efficient Genturn Multi-Tasking turning machines and CNC Screw Machines, the high speed Genmill CNC machining centers and 5 axis milling centers, the highly regarded Ganesh manual & CNC tool room lathes and milling machines. All of our machines are manufactured in our ISO-9001 facilities in Taiwan. Many of the critical ...

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At Lagun Engineering, we're proud to be one of the oldest machine tool OEMs in the U.S. With more than 95,000 machines installed worldwide, we are committed to building high-quality machinery and to providing you with exceptional customer service.

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Republic Lagun's Mega 4 Surface is a 2-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine with a 3rd axis DRO manual quill movement, hand wheels for manual movement of the X-Axis and Y-Axis, and the head assembly can swivel right-to-left 45°.

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Just bought a new machine but lost the manual? We've got you covered! Explore our vast collection of Laguna Tools product manuals.

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American Turnmaster's 15" precision lathe comes with a clutch headstock similar to a Colchester Type lathe. This machine is the ideal tool room lathe to give you that glasslike, mirror finish that you would expect from a Lagun lathe. Turning...

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Milltronics VK4-II CNC Knee Mill – Tool Room Mills The VK4II is a CNC knee mill with the unique Milltronics MillSlide that provides greater rigidity and more spindle nose to table top than conventional knee mills. With 33" x 15" x 5.25" (MillSlide), 16.5" knee and 5.9" quill travel, the VK4II can be run as manual, teach or full CNC.