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The KoMo line of Grain Mills and Flakers have been handmade in Germany/Austria for decades providing decades of knowledge and expertise into each product Available and loved world wide for many years The 12 yr warranty is proof of quality; Each mill is tested before leaving the factory; A style and size to suit everyone's needs

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Welcome to Western Process Equipment. Covering the four western Canada provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia from two offices in Calgary and Saskatoon, We pride ourselves in representing the top names in our industries.

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Grain flakers, Oat flakers, Oat roller mills, Oatmeal grinders. Grain flakers turn whole oats into oatmeal that's fresher, sweeter, and has so much better texture than the mushy, stale, store-bought fare! Pleasant Hill Grain offers the highest quality flakers that are fast and easy to use, whether you choose a hand-crank or electric mill. 5.

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Mills & Flakers. Grain Services. Grain Cleaning. Organic Benefits. Why Eat Organic? About Whole Grains Why Ancient Grains? Sprouted Grains Growing Organic Organic Resources. Contact. General. Fieldstone Granary Ltd. 4851 Schubert Road, Armstrong, British Columbia V0E 1B4


We offer NZ's largest range of quality grain / flour mills and flakers / crushers for your daily fresh, wholesome, healthy and delicious flour, groats and flakes - at the best prices and conditions.

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We carry a wide variety of Grain Mills and Oat Flakers. Our KoMo Grain Mills come with a 250 watt -360 watt motor. The grinding stones are made of corundum/ceramic. We carry Oat Flakers that are manual crank, as well as oat flakers that have a 360 watt motor. The Komo Oat Flakers have tapered stainless steel rollers.

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R&R Machine Works is located on 10 acres in Dalhart, TX. Our facility is equipped to service facilities and production locally, nationally and internationally. Our state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel offer unmatched service and quality.

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Jan 06, 2014· This video breaks down how our flaking mills operate. Contact us today to learn more and take your operation to the next level!

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flaker: [noun] one that flakes: such as. a person that produces flint flakes for striking fire or that manufactures flaked stone implements. a worker who places cleaned fish on flakes for drying. a machine for reducing material (as cereal grain, fish, soap, or ice) to flakes. a prehistoric implement of bone or other material used to press off ...

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Mills and Flakers for fresh flour and flakes; Mills and Flakers for fresh flour and flakes. This entry was posted on 4th December 2019 by Paul. If you want the freshest flour possible with all the nutrition intact then there is no substitute for milling your own.

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Oct 16, 2012· Fieldstone Organics carries an awesome lineup of mills & flakers that let people enjoy the benefits of whole grains from the comfort of their own home. Contact Fieldstone Organics for product ...

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Ultrasound generators, various laboratory mills, flakers, extractors, concentrators, distillation and chromatographic columns, spray driers, blenders, super critical extractors and driers make product development easy and fast.

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A collection of brochures to download and browse at your convenience to learn more about the equipment and services that we offer. Click below to jump to your category or scroll down to discover our equipment and services.

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Grain Flakers / Oat Rollers. Grain Flakers otherwise known as Oat Rollers (because oats are the most commonly flaked grain) are different than grain mills in that they flake or roll your grain as opposed to grinding it into fine flour.

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For the perfect flake—every single time. If it's optimal performance you want, look no further than Roskamp flaking mills. Consistently uniform flakes are what you get, and at a higher capacity for the same amount of energy as the other guys.

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Mill and flake your favorite grains for everyday use and special diets - the age-old benefits of stone grinding for the modern kitchen. Bread making, cooking and breakfasts with fresh ingredients that are rich in nutrients and great on taste.

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Mills & Flakers. Grain Services. Grain Cleaning. Organic Benefits. Why Eat Organic? About Whole Grains Why Ancient Grains? Sprouted Grains Growing Organic Organic Resources. Contact. General. Fieldstone Granary Ltd. 4851 Schubert Road, Armstrong, British Columbia V0E 1B4

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Grinders / Grain Mills / Flakers Don't settle for empty calories - to get the most nutrition from your food, it's best to start with fresh, whole ingredients. You might think you're cooking from scratch with store-bought flour, but it's probably already lost half its nutrients due to oxidization even if it was made from whole grains, and would ...

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Jalyns is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Ankarsrum Assistent Original from Sweden and KoMo Mills from Austria. Being centrally located in Saskatchewan allows our knowledgeable staff to serve our customers from coast to coast in a timely matter.

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Models: FBF 200 / 300 / 400 / 600 / 800 This frozen blocks flaking machine was designed for flaking of frozen blocks of meat, fish or chicken, along with frozen blocks of juice, butter, margarine or other blocks arriving straight from cool storing with no earlier thawing.