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Fryma Koruma is a leading global provider and manufacturer of processing equipment, primarily for liquid and semi-solid markets. Fryma Koruma mills are recognized for their high performance and consistency. EquipNet carries a range of used Fryma Koruma mills, such as the Fryma Koruma MZ-190|B Colloid Mill, Fryma Koruma MS-50 CoBall Mill, and ...

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Europe. General Mills has operations – and opportunities – in many locations where millions of people trust and enjoy our brands. Our employees are in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK – with products sold across the continent.

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As the oldest silk weaving mill in Europe — one that operates completely with historic hand-operated and semi-mechanical looms — the atelier is one of the better kept secrets of Florence.

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Dec 22, 2015· The number of migrants and refugees crossing into Europe by land and sea this year illegally has passed one million, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.

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The other was the post mill which was small and had a trestle that was poorly protected. So that means harsh weather conditions were more than enough to do damage to the post mill. With its fine and delicate structure, it was basic and among the earliest type of windmill in Europe.

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Pulp & Paper Mill in Kwidzyn. International Paper's Kwidzyn mill is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of pulp and paper. A key player in the industry in Poland, the Kwidzyn mill is actively introducing the principles of corporate social responsibility in all areas of its activity.

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NLMK DanSteel, the leading hot-rolling plate mill in Denmark, is launching an in-house steel service center (DanSteel SCC) to provide its customers across Europe - from the wind power, boiler & pressure vessel, bridge construction and other heavy industries - with an extensive range of oxy cutting operations and other in-demand services.

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United States Army Europe official homepage. U.S. Army Europe trains and leads the U.S. Army Forces in the European theater in support of U.S. European Command and the Department of the Army.

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Description. Our Air Classifier Mill offers fine grinding capability plus greater control over particle size distribution. Typically grinding to a particle size in the region of D97 = 10µm, our Air Classifier Mill serves all industries producing fine powders where control of grinding temperature and a narrow particle size distribution is of prime importance.

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Sappi Europe is a division of Sappi Limited (JSE), a global company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with over 12,700 employees and manufacturing operations on three continents in seven countries and customers in more than 100 countries.

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This page contains sites of paper, newsprint, Kraft, tissue, cardboard, paperboard and/or board manufacturers in Europe. Please note that some of the companies have integrated operations inclusive of pulp making, paper making and converting while others may have only paper making.

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We process 47 million t of wheat, rye & oats each year to produce high-quality flours Flour safety and quality have reached a very high standard in Europe. Ensuring this level remains high, is a constant challenge for our industry. The milling industry is the largest single food user of...

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Are you in the market for a great quality food mill to add to your kitchen collection? If you have been searching everywhere for food mills or a food grinder then look …

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Pulp & Paper Mill in Kwidzyn. International Paper's Kwidzyn mill is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of pulp and paper. A key player in the industry in Poland, the Kwidzyn mill is actively introducing the principles of corporate social responsibility in all areas of its activity.

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Performance Apparel. Guilford supplies the world's leading brands with high-tech performance fabrics for athletic apparel and footwear. Learn More. We Understand the Unique Requirements for Medical Textiles. Our fabrics meet the demanding specifications of the medical industry such as anti-microbial, and bio-compatibility.

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Kungen (Played back in the days on magtheridon where he formed the legendary guild "Nihilum") is a male Tauren character on Tarren Mill Europe played by Swedish player Thomas Bengtsson. He is the guild leader and main tank of Ensidia. Prior to the merger with Curse, he had been the guild leader...

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To meet the demand of its customers on all 5 continents, voestalpine Schienen operates the largest and most efficient dedicated rail rolling mill in Europe. If the output of only one single year could be strung together, it would bridge the distance between Northern Europe and Southern Africa.

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The pulp and paper industry in Europe accounts for about a quarter of world production and is a major employer. The leading producing countries are Finland, Sweden and Germany.The industry is a large user of renewable energy and achieved a recycling rate of 71.5% in 2015.