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The disc vacuum filter can effectively recover the fibers and fillers in white water, and is suitable for large and medium-sized pulp and paper mills. Taking a disc vacuum filter with a total filter area of 140 m2 as an example, after filtration, the suspended solid content in white water was reduced from 2153 mg•L-1 to 30 mg•L-1, and the ...

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Founded by Anthony Srock and Jeff Mills in Detroit, they started out with more of a house sound with their initial LP Deep Into The Cut. They met up with Chris Connelly (of Finitribe fame) who encouraged them to integrate industrial music to their sound.

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Deep Bed Filters. Industrial Filters Company Deep Bed Filters are automatic filters that utilize inexpensive filter fabrics for gravity filtration. Effectively removing solids from liquids, the Deep Bed Filter maximizes fabric life while allowing more filtering per square foot than other filter models.

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Collection: Spin Create rhythmic flooring compositions with the Spin Collection, modular carpet inspired by vinyl records and the process of record-making.

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Finest wet grinding technology – the laboratory mills of the MicroSeries are an investment in the future for new product developments of different fields of application of pigmented ink jets, technical ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical applications and nano-scale high-tech products.

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Fleet Farm has been proudly serving the Upper Midwest since 1955 with high quality merchandise you won't find anywhere else. We are your full-service supplier for life, work, home, and recreation - combining wide-ranging products, convenient...

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Filter discs, available in glass fiber or granular type. Glass fiber filter discs last longer, are more abrasion resistant, and are superior in performance than granular type discs. Granular discs for analytical and general bacteria filtration are avai

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA. is our global umbrella brand of SIEBTECHNIK and the former TEMA Group. SIEBTECHNIK TEMA is part of a globally operating group of companies with around 3,500 employees in more than 50 companies with a clear focus on the processing of mineral bulk solids as well as solid-liquid separation in the chemical and food industries.

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HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Dec. 4, 2012 (Press Release) -By installing the latest disc filter technology in an existing wet end process, Voith was able to noticeably increase the capacity and greatly improve the filtrate quality. The savings are reflected in cost advantages and sustaina-ble production.

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STARDISC unites two vacuum disc filter designs that have made a name for themselves in different industries and many applications. Together, these popular disc filters allow you to cover the widest possible range of applications in vacuum disc filtration.

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Beth's expertise in filtration started in 1996 dealing primarily with automotive clients. Beth joined Great Lakes Filters in 1998 and has helped foster the growth of Great Lakes Filters' diversification in markets and industries. Beth currently assists in several areas—from engineering consultation to sales and customer service.

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You can filter among our products here. Filter on 0 products. Need help? Milling. Our wide, innovative and powerful range of solid end mills and milling cutters and inserts is well known in the industry. ... Including copy mills, disc mills... See all 6897 products. Exchangeable Head Mills

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quotations for disk filter mills. Disc filter service ANDRITZ. Disc filter services Mobile disc filter bag exchange. The old way of exchanging disc filter bags by shipping segments back to a supplier is timeconsuming, slow, and expensive. ANDRITZ developed a new solution the mobile disc filter bag exchange which comes right into the mill.

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Shop for Coffee Filters in Coffee. Buy products such as BUNN, BUNBCF250,Commercial Coffee Filters, 250 / Box, White at Walmart and save.

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Thanks to various rebuild options, Voith's BaglessPlus filter discs provide the basis for a resource-conserving and efficient dewatering process in machines built by other manufacturers as well. As of now, the bagless filter discs are also available for GL&V Celleco disc filters type CDI 5.0.

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Welcome to Schenck Process LLC By combining the technologies of Mac Process, ... air classifier mills and mixers. While Mucon powder flow control valves. offer iris diaphragm valves, disc valves, slide gate valves and roller gate valves. ... Filter receiver for pneumatic conveying systems The Hygienic Side Entry Receiver (HSER) filter is ...

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Filter on 134 products. ... Including copy mills, disc mills, face mills, helical mills, square shoulder mills and more, this range of options allows manufacturers to achieve the balance of productivity, performance and cost effectiveness required by their specific applications.

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…glass fiber filters designed to support high particle retention, high flow rate applications. GE Healthcare's Life Sciences business offers a variety of venting filters. In addition to HEPA air filters, PolyVENT and SteriVENT options are available.

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The s-Jet ® System (patent pending) is a new innovation in a line of consistent developments being made in the area of air jet milling. Final finenesses in the submicron range (example: d 50 0.2 µm) can now be achieved with fluidized bed jet mills. As opposed to conventional dry grinding processes with fluidized bed jet mills, the s-Jet ® System uses superheated steam as its milling gas.

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GL&V serves the global pulp and paper industry with spare parts, rebuilds, upgrades, repairs and optimization services for new and existing equipment. Our group is focused on innovation and provides technologies that generate energy and cost savings for our customers.

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Disc filter services Mobile disc filter bag exchange. The old way of exchanging disc filter bags by shipping segments back to a supplier is time-consuming, slow, and expensive. ANDRITZ developed a new solution – the mobile disc filter bag exchange which comes right into the mill.